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Proseminar | Sommersemester 2012
Software Engineering in Smart Grid Systems




  • [18.04.2012] The next seminar session (23.04.2012) starts at 16:30
  • [16.04.2012] Topics are announced.
  • [12.03.2012] Registration deadline has been expanded. There are still places left!
  • [10.02.2012] TUMonline registration is open.
  • [08.02.2012] The introduction is scheduled: Monday, February 27rd, 2012, 16:00- (ca.) 17:00, room 00.11.038 (John von Neumann)
    During the introduction the topics will be assigned to the students.
  • [08.02.2012] The web site is online. Registration on TUMonline opens soon.


Presentations and elaborations can be English or German. For organizational issues, take a look here.

A smart grid is a digitally enabled electrical grid that gathers, distributes, and acts on information about the behavior of all participants (suppliers and consumers) in order to improve the efficiency, importance, reliability, economics, and sustainability of electricity services.

The goal of the Bachelor's proseminar is to discuss ongoing activities considering Smart Grid projects, technologies and systems.


Supervisor of this proseminar is Prof. Manfred Broy. Advisors are:

For any further questions, please contact Maximilian Irlbeck.


The participants of the proseminar will learn how to elaborate a given topic in a self-guided manner and to present their results in front of the seminar as well as in a short essay. For that, students are required to conduct their own literature study on the basis of introductory (given) references.

In the discussion with Smart Grid professionals, several topics are deepened and reflected with the participants. On the basis of these experiences, students will focus on a specific key aspect and learn how to elaborate interesting research topics.

Examination Criteria

All participants are expected to actively participate in the seminar sessions and discussions. Every student will give two presentations: 1) Project overview (10 minutes and 5 minutes discussion) 2) Project focus on a specific key aspect (20 minutes and 10 minutes discussion). In addition, each student is required to deliver an essay of at least 10 pages in given style (document templates and LaTeX style files will be provided).

For organizational issues, take a look here.

Topics covered in this seminar

An overview of relevant topics can be found here.

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