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Seminar in Wintersemester 2012/13
Embedded Systems (Seminar + Proseminar)
(Dr. Maria Spichkova)


[20.11.2012] The document templates and LaTeX style files are uploaded.
[9.11.2012] The seminar room have been changed: the seminar will take place in the room 00.09.038.
[4.10.2012] Preliminary timetable is online.
[10.07.2012] Room for the registration (11 July, 14:00): 01.09.011.
[29.06.2012] Room for the preliminary discussion for the registration (5 July, 13:00): 00.09.055.

Content: Embedded systems are not only one of the most important fields for current computer-based applications, it is also one of the most challenging fields of software engineering: embedded system must meet real-time requirements, are safety critical and distributed over multiple processors. Embedded systems are used in many areas - from vehicles and mobile phones to washing mashines and printes. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without them. The increasing complexity and real-time requirements require new modelling techniques as well as application of formal methods.
In the seminar "Embedded systems" we will try to answer the following questions:

  • What does the term "embedded system" mean?
  • Which methods are especially important to the development of these systems?
  • What are the distinctive features of one of the most interesting kinds of the embedded systems - automotive systems?

Please note: the seminar is registred in TUMonline as an IN0014-Modul, nevertheless it is also possible to take is as a proseminar-modul.

Goals: The participants of the seminar and of the proseminar will learn how to elaborate scientific topics in self-guided manner and to present their results in front of the seminar as well as in a short essay. For that, students are required to conduct their own literature study on the basis of introductory (given) references.


  • Dr. Maria Spichkova
  • Alarico Campetelli
  • Klaus Lochmann
For any further questions, contact Dr. Maria Spichkova.

Examination Criteria:

  • Active participation in all meetings,
  • Presentation of one of the topics in the seminar (English, timetable see below):
    • Seminar: 30-45 min.,
    • Proseminar: 20 min.
    The first versions of slides must be sent to advisors no later than two weeks before the presentation.
    We strongly recommend to use the opportunity of a test-talk before the presentation (make an appointment with your advisor).
  • Essay (English, document templates and LaTeX style files will be provided):
    • Seminar: min. 8 pages,
    • Proseminar: min. 5 pages.
    The first versions of the essay must be sent to advisors no later than three weeks after the presentation.
    The final version must be sent by the 5th of February.
Publication: The essays will be published as Technical Report by the end of the term.

Participants: max. 12.

Time and Place: Tues., 13:30-15:00, Room MI 00.09.038 (Alan Turing)
The seminar starts with discussion on Tuesday, October the 16th, 2012

Registration: 5 July, 13:00.

Preliminary Timetable/Topics (proposals and ideas from students are welcome):

Date Topics
16.10.2012   Introduction to the seminar
23.10.2012   General discussion
30.10.2012   General discussion
6.11.2012   General discussion
13.11.2012   What does ES mean? History of the field, examples, problems, etc. (Student: Fan Zhuosi; Advisor: Klaus Lochmann)
  Cyber-Physical systems (Student: Johannes Muhr; Advisor: Alarico Campetelli)
20.11.2012   Real-time systems (Student: Christian Lichtmannegger; Advisor: Klaus Lochmann)
27.11.2012   General discussion
4.12.2012   State machine: which kind is applicable? (Student: Manuel Bonk, Proseminar; Advisor: M. Spichkova)
  Testing vs. Verification and Model Checking vs. Theorem Proving (Student: Philipp Pickel; Advisor: Alarico Campetelli)  
11.12.2012   FlexRay Protocol: general idea, synchronization (Student: Robert Lang; Advisor: M. Spichkova)
  CAN Protocol (Student: Nicolas Benec; Advisor: Alarico Campetelli)
18.12.2012   OSEKtime OS: Scheduling (Student: Kostadin Kotev; Advisor: M. Spichkova)  

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