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Masterseminar (IN2107) im Wintersemester 2012/2013
Safety-critical Development
(PD. Dr. Bernhard Schätz, Maged Khalil)


Topics, Dates and Deadlines

Advisors' Presentations

Here are the (introductory) presentations of the advisors:

Title Date Presenter

Topics, Assignments and Deadlines

No. Topic Assigned to Presentation Essay Advisor
1. What is safety? How does it differ from reliability and dependability? How does software safety differ from hardware safety? N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
2. How is the development process affected by a safety-critical product? (With an introductory overview of existing safety standards) N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
3. What is a hazard? How can I identify it? N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
4. Once a hazard is identified, what happens next? N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
5. What are criticality levels? How are they selected? What do they mean for my development activities? N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
6. Safety plan N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
7. What is a safety concept? (With a special focus on technical and functional safety concepts from the ISO26262 standard) N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
8. What steps can I take while designing my system and software architecture to mitigate or ameliorate the criticality of my functions and components? N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
9. What criteria and accordingly types of tests are particularly important for safety-critical development? N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.
10. What is a safety case? (With an introduction to GSN) N.N. N.N. N.N. N.N.


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