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Proseminar | Winter Term 2013/2014
Model-Based Problem Solving





Model-based systems represent a class of knowledge based systems that are currently employed in more and more industrial areas. Their specialty is the distinct separation of the system represented by a model and the task specific problem solving knowledge. By separating system model and problem solving techniques it becomes possible to use the model for different problem settings.

Example Applications:

  • Fault Diagnosis in vehicles and other technical systems
  • Environment Modeling and Decision Support Systems
  • Current research at MQM: Automatic Training plan generation and interactive support for trainers and trainees in fitness studios


Prof. Peter Struss and Florian Grigoleit.
For questions, please contact Florian Grigoleit


The students learn in small teams to acquaint themselves in a scientific topic, to analyze literature, to write a scientific paper, and to present their results in front of academic peers.

Modul: IN0013
Enrollment: Please contact Florian Grigoleit via email (grigolei@in.tum.de)
Miscellaneous: Number of students is limited to 15
Time and Room Tuesdays, 10-12am, Room: 01.11.038 (v. Neumann)


  • Students will work in small teams (2-3 students / team).
  • The results have to be presented either in English or in German.
  • The students write a 10 to 12 page paper (English / German) on their topic. A Word-Template for the paper will be provided

Supporting materials:

Template for essay (.doc /.docx): not yet available
Template for presentation slides (.ppt / .pptx): not yet available


  • Qualitative modeling
  • Consistency-based diagnosis
  • Process-oriented modeling
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

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