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``VoD''-Spec - Formal Foundation of System Specifications

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Bernhard Schätz

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Project Description:
The main interest of the cooperation is to explore how formal methods can improve the quality of functional specifications without differing too much from description formalisms used in industry so far. This investigation is performed using a specification of interactive video services (``Video on Demand'') developed by Siemens Öffentliche Netze. More detailed, the following topics will be considered: The result of this cooperation should not only consist of the development of a formal functional specification of the interactive video service; special emphasis lies on the analysis of this formal development regarding its feasability requirements as well as its economity.

Several project deliveries for the different project phases are available on request. Furthermore, the project result is reported in an article submitted and accepted at the FME'96.

A follow-up project focusing on the tool support for tool-based specification development is currently planned.

Bernhard Schätz, Mon Oct 24 1994