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Incremental Design of Reactive Systems


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O  Summary
      Inkrea investigates the mathematical principles of elaboration steps for the incremental design of reactive systems as well as their implementation in the CASE tool AutoFocus.

O  Abstract
      An incremental design methodology is a key factor for the design of software systems. Computer science has developed a number of formal approaches for the stepwise design of small programs based on a mathematical specification, as well as process models that divide software design in different phases, such as analysis, design, implementation and test.
This project closes the gap between these approaches. Starting with first abstract descriptions of the system functionality, these descriptions are systematically refined and extended, for example to add error handling or new functionality, or to divide the system into subsystems for a distributed implementation.
Systems are described using mathematically formalized description techniques like state transition diagrams, sequence diagrams or system structure diagrams. Description techniques and system elaboration steps will be integrated in the CASE tool AutoFocus.

Inkrea is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft under reference number Br 887/14-1.

Keywords. Formal methods, refinement, reactive systems, embedded systems, CASE tools, incremental design.

O  Contact
      Jan Philipps, Tel. +49-89-289-22398

O  Schedule
      March 1, 2001 - February 28, 2003

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O  Partners
      Within the project we are cooperating with the following research groups and colleagues:

O  Publications
      A list of relevant publications will be added here shortly.

O  Related Information
      The project is related to the research projects InTime, BeQuest, Quest and SFB 342/A6.
Tool support is based on AutoFocus, which has been developed at our research group since 1996.

Jan Philipps, 15-01-2001