Project KorSys:

Korrekte Software für sicherheitskritische Systeme

(Correct Software for safety-critical systems)

Activities at the Technical University of Munich

The aim of the KorSys project is to improve the applicability of formal methods for the specification and verification of complex software systems in practice.

The activities at Technical University of Munich are part of the KorSys project together with BMW, ESG, SIEMENS AG and OFFIS.

The project is divided into four specific areas: For the activities of the Technical University of Munich you find a short summary (in German).

Project Members

Heads of the project:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy
Prof. Tobias Nipkow

Scientific staff:

Olaf Müller
Jan Philipps
Oscar Slotosch

Related Scientists:

Dr. Stephan Merz
Dr. Christian Prehofer
Peter Scholz

TUM Publications


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Additional informationen about Department IV Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy

Oscar Slotosch Apr 23 1997