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SPECTRUM - Deduction oriented Specification and Design of Software

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Dr. Radu Grosu

DFG research project in cooperation with LMU (Prof.Dr.Wirsing)
An important and at present only unsatisfying mastered problem in the software development process is the reliability of produced software.

The reliability of software is above all determined by the correct, complete and precise capturing of the intended system requirements and by the coincidence of the software behavior with the formulated requirements.

In order to guarantee the software reliability with technical means, it is necessary that before the software development, the behavior of the planned product is described as accurate as possible in a formal language. Starting from such a requirement definition, formal methods can be used to guarantee the correctness of the developed software with respect to requirements definition.

The goal of this project is to develop an axiomatic language, which is appropriate to capture the system requirements and to support their refinement during the system design process. Work is also to be done in advance, to the computer aided realization of the software development method used in the development process.

See also the description of project KORSO which is related to the SPECTRUM project.
Papers concerning SPECTRUM can be found here.
SPECTRUM is a project of our department for Programming Methods and Distributed Systems.
Dr. Radu Grosu , 19 Oct 1995