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Social Community Network Applicationwith IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)


Author:Christian Menkens
Abstract:People in any type of community use different kinds of messaging systems, interaction tools, collaboration software, social community network services and related technologies to interact, communicate, collaborate and inform themselves and others about news, events, updates and special offers within their community. So far it was necessary to use many different systems and technologies like e-mail, blogs, forums, etc to participate in all different community activities. This book describes an IMS social community network application that enables users to do all these tasks mentioned above using IMS enabled cell phones. A typical "community" for the application is a college campus, metropolitan business or downtown area or large scale events with multiple locations such as the Olympic Games or World Cups. Typical users are students, professors, businessmen, travelers, spectators etc. The main interface of the application is an interactive map of the geographical area which enables users to interact with their whole community at once. used to communicate, collaborate, retrieve information, post information, purchase goods, subscribe to community notifications and updates and more.

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