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A Survey on the Application of the V-Modell XT in German Government Agencies

Conference Paper

Conference:Proceedings of the 18th Conference on European System & Software Process Improvement and Innovation (EuroSPI)
Pages:49 ff.
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Abstract:The V-Modell XT is the standard software development process for IT-projects in the German government. For federal agencies, this process is mandatory to manage internal IT-projects, as well as to coordinate projects of third-party suppliers. The V-Modell XT is available since 2005 and already in use at several German agencies to organize and manage projects. In this paper, we present a survey that - 5 years after the release of the V-Modell XT - contributes an insight into the usage style, ratings, and tempers of project managers working with the new process. The survey consists of two stages: the fi rst stage narrows down the application domain and allows for initial observations, followed by a second stage, which allows for quanti ed assertions. We also summarize the core requirements to extend the visibility of the process and to improve the quality of its application.

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