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PDF-Datei  Model based development of hybrid systems: specification, simulation, test case generation

Book Chapter

Author:Klaus Bender, Manfred Broy, Istvan Peter, Alexander Pretschner, Thomas Stauner
In Book:Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Hybrid Systemspp. 37-52
Number:LNCS 279
Abstract:This paper gives an overview of our approach to the development of discrete-continuous systems in a general model based setting. This includes formalized description techniques, CASE support for modeling and simulation, and test harness as well as test case generation. HyROOM is presented, a formally founded notation for the integration of continuous activities into MaSiEd, a CASE tool prototype based on the ROOM methodology. In addition, an approach to the automated generation of test cases for discrete and also discretized hybrid systems specified within a second CASE tool, AutoFocus, is presented.

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