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PDF-Datei  A stream-based mathematical model for distributed information processing systems - SysLab system model -

Conference Paper

Author:Cornel Klein, Bernhard Rumpe, Manfred Broy
Conference:FMOODS'96, Formal Methods for Open Object-based Distributed Systems
Editor:Elie Naijm, Jean-Bernard Stefani
Pages:323 - 338
Publisher:ENST France Telecom
Abstract:In the SysLab-project, we develop a software engineering method based on a mathematical foundation. The SysLab system model serves as an abstract mathematical model for information systems and their components. It is used to formalize the semantics of all used description techniques, such as object diagrams, state automata, sequence charts or data-flow diagrams. Based on the requirements for such a reference model, we define the system model including its different views and their relationships.

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