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PDF-Datei  Componentware - State of the Art 2003

Conference Paper

Conference:Proceedings of the CUE Workshop Venedig
Abstract:Components and component-based technologies (componentware) are well-known and widely used in software development. There is a large amount of work and research in componentware. The number of available componentware approaches increases steadily and it is quite difficult to keep track of current trends in this area. In this paper, we survey the current state of the art in componentware, introduce and compare several well-known componentware approaches and classify them according to outstanding characteristics. We discuss a list of open issues in resarch and practical use of componentware and offer some proposals for further development. In our practical considerations we focus on embedded systems and business information systems because most of our partners in industry work in one of these two domains. We hope to start a broader discussion on componentware and to get a common understanding, which open issues are most important in research and industry (as a research agenda).

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