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Praktikum | Sommersemester 2016
Advanced Practical Course (Master-Praktikum)
Techniques for System Safety Analysis (IN2106)


Techniques for
System Safety Analysis

Course Theme

The course aims at two objectives:

  • education in frequently used techniques for software and system safety analysis and assurance,
  • assessing this education in the laboratory accompanied with a scientific experiment on engineering methodology.

The experiment comprises an empirical comparative study on the usefulness, effectiveness and reliability of the discussed and applied techniques. The experiment is a joint effort of the University of Stuttgart (Prof. Dr. Stefan Wagner, Asim Abdulkhaleq) and TUM.

Schedule and Materials

Appointment Agenda Materials
MI 00.07.014
Kick-off Kick-off (slides, pdf)
MI 01.11.018
Organisation and preparation Organisation (slides, pdf)
until 04/07/2016, 6pm Home preparation
Analysis Sessions
Assurance Sessions
MI 01.09.014
Final Workshop Experience talks from industry,
group presentations,
discussion and feedback,
Workshop Agenda (slides,pdf)
Group Interviews Individual sessions of about 30-60min per group:

Group A2: 1.6., 09:00-10:00
Group C2: 1.6., 10:30-11:30
Group B2: 1.6., 12:00-13:00
Group C1: 6.6., 09:30-10:30
Group A1: 6.6., 11:00-12:00
Group B1: 9.6., 13:00-14:00

Topics and Learning Objective

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to system safety and safety engineering
  • Introduction to several safety analysis techniques frequently used in industrial settings
  • (Software) safety issues of several technical systems of public interest

Students learn about three practically used techniques for safety analysis:

  • fault-tree analysis,
  • failure-mode and effects analysis and
  • system-theoretic process analysis.

Aside from this specific knowledge, students get insight into how these techniques can be applied in engineering practice. Another part of the practical course will deal with elaborating safety concepts as a response to these analyses. This includes team work, interdisciplinary working and cooperation, soft skills, self management and reflection on work results. We are trying to invite expert safety practitioners who might give some feedback on course results and report about current challenges in their day-to-day work.


This advanced practical course will be hosted by Prof. Manfred Broy.

Essential support:

  • Asim Abdulkhaleq, University of Stuttgart
  • Carmen Carlan, fortiss GmbH


Registration is of course possible without participation at the kick-off.
Please, do not hesitate to register via the matching platform, information about the course is also available via TUMOnline! Students from every faculty are welcome. However, if you are not taking part in a program at the faculty of informatics or you do not have a TUM student ID, please, also write us an e-mail, such that we are able to let you participate in case of free places. For non-informatics students there might apply different rules concerning the ECTS points.

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