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ArSPI - Artifact-based Software Process Improvement & Management

This page contains all information regarding the ArSPI approach. You can download all relevant information, guidance, or templates.

(News): ArSPI is currently in revision. We conducted case studies and evaluation. In response, we currently revise ArSPI. New features will be:

  • Improvements in the artifact and activity model
  • Improvements in the role model
  • More and improved templates
  • An evaluation framework


ArSPI in a Nutshell

M. Kuhrmann, S. Beecham. Artifact-Based Software Process Improvement and Management: A Method Proposal.
International Conference on Software and Systems Process (ICSSP), ACM Press, 2014

The original technical report on ArSPI

M. Kuhrmann. ArSPI: An Artifact Model for Software Process Improvement and Management.
Technical Report, Number TUM-I1337, Technische Universität München, 2013

A quasi-experiment for internally validating ArSPI

M. Kuhrmann, D. Mendez Fernandez, A. Knapp. Who Cares About Software Process Modelling? - A First Investigation About the Perceived Value of Process Engineering and Process Consumption.
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Product Focused Software Development and Process Improvement (PROFES), Springer, 2013


ArSPI is available as process documentation. Here, you can find:

  1. The exported HTML documentation of ArSPI (version 0.9)
  2. The process model as Eclipse Process Framework project

Further Material

ArSPI Models

ArSPI is a fine-grained artifact model, which is defined using the UML. Here, you can find exported figures of the model that are better to read than in the technical report.

The entire ArSPI model
Process Assets and the Conceptual Process Design
Process Assets and the Technical Process Design
Relations of the Conceptual and the Technical Process Design


Process Requirements
Conceptual Process Design
Technical Process Design
Process Life Cycle Support
SPI Project Assessment Form

Tailored Templates

Use tailored templates according to the tailoring instructions from the technical report (Sect. 9.2.3)

Process Design

Evaluation Material

Use the following questionnaires to replicate the findings from the process-engineering lab.

Questionnaire for Process Engineers
Questionnaire for Process Consumers

Use the following sheet to conduct comparable expert evaluations.

Expert Board Evaluation Sheet

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