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1st International Workshop on Virtual Teams: Experiences in Global Software Engineering (VirtuES)

August 26th, 2013, Bari, Italy

in conjunction with

8th IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE)
Bari, Italy, August 26-29, 2013


Today, working together with colleagues in different locations as virtual teams is common - be it in distributed software projects, as much as in R&D projects or manifold business processes in companies across all industry sectors. Thus, "working in a team" has in many cases a global context in today's world. Improving effectiveness and efficiency of virtual teams is therefore an increasingly business-critical issue - and a complex one, since it has many aspects:

  • Establishing, managing and controlling such teams
  • Tools supporting coordination, information sharing and communication
  • Task assignment and team alignment
  • Motivation, culture, and human factors


The workshop targets discussion of empirically based and/or empirically validated experiences that help to increase efficiency and effectiveness of virtual teams and/or increase the quality of their outcomes.

The participants will present and discuss project experiences, best practices, tool prototypes and new approaches - in academic research and in industry.


14:00 - 14:15 Introduction - Download
14:15 - 15:00 Keynote Fabio Calefato Facing Communication Challenges in Distributed Software Development - Download
15:00 - 15:30 Onboarding in Open Source Software Projects: A Preliminary Analysis - Download
(Fabian Fagerholm, Patrik Johnson, Alejandro Sanchez Guinea, Jay Borenstein and Jürgen Münch)
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 - 16:30 Advancement of decision-making in Agile Projects by applying Logistic Regression on Estimates - Download
(Lakshminarayana Kompella)
16:30 - 17:00 On the Identification of Best Practices for Improving the Efficiency of Testing Activities in Distributed Software Projects - Download
(Cristina Camacho, Sabrina Marczak and Tayana Conte)
17:00 Discussion & Closing


The workshop targets practitioners and researchers interested or involved in distributed software development as well as tool vendors and tool developers.

Organization Committee:
Patrick Keil, TU München, keilp@in.tum.de
Marco Kuhrmann, TU München, kuhrmann@in.tum.de
Darja Smite, Blekinge Institute of Technology, darja.smite@bth.se

Program Committee:

Patrick Keil, TU München
Marco Kuhrmann, TU München
Darja Smite, Blekinge Institute of Technology
Stefan Biffl, TU Wien
Sarah Beecham, University of Limerick
Tayana Conte, Universidade Federal do Amazonas
Geir Hanssen, SINTEF Norway
Jürgen Münch, University of Helsinki

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