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Technische Universität München
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Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching

Tel. +49(89) 289-17358
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Büro: MI 00.11.056


05.10.2010: I am searching for students that want to do a Plicht-Praktikum at BMW.
14.11.2010: Cedosia Graduate Council first meeting coming soon.
01.12.2010: I am searching for a student that want to work fulltime in the SS2011 at BMW.
13.02.2011: Cedosia Weiswurstfrühstuck on 16.03.2011.
10.03.2011: Cedosia meets Google on 24 and 29.03.2011.
07.04.2011: From May on I will be have the honor to research with Kristian Kersiting and his team STREAM at the Fraunhofer Institut in Bonn on MDPs and SRL.
19.05.2011: Cedosia meets McKinsey.
05.06.2011: Cedosia meets Microsoft. Beginning of July.
16.08.2010: I am searching for a student that want to work fulltime in the WS2011 at BMW.
14.09.2010: Workshop "How to get into Google" soon.

Research Interests:

  1. Verification
    • testing of reactive distributed real-time (black-box) systems
    • Model checking
    • Runtime Verification
    • Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Machine Learning
    • Deterministic replanning and probabilistic planning
    • SRL and reinforcement learning
    • (PO)MDPs
    • Goal recognition and plann recognition
    • User Models
  3. Business
    • e-Business
    • Start-ups
    • e-Marketing
    • SEO


Student Type Where Field Topic
Alejandra Rodriguez Praktikum BMW Verification Monitor decomposition and soft testing case study.
Alexey Bazhenov Praktikum BMW Verification Trace Analysis and Oracle Based Testing.
Andreas Huber Diplomarbeit BMW AI Learning user behavior and adapting user functions.
Christian Chalupny Diplomarbeit BMW User Interface Building intelligent HMI for adaptative user functions.
Kiril Dimitrov Diplomarbeit BMW User Interface Dynamic user interface for RUKL.

Student Type Where Field Topic
Kiril Dimitrov Praktikum TUM Computer Vision Menu classification, Pattern and Image recognition of low headunit displays.
Xiaoguang Ma Praktikum TUM Computer Vision Menu classification, Pattern and Image recognition of low headunit displays.
Akin Ucar Praktikum TUM Specification Eclipse Plugin for fast HMI Prototyping
Kiril Dimitrov Werkstudent BMW Specification Development of a Dialog and a Wigdet Model for RUKL.
FSM Simulation in eclipse plugin.
Xiaoguang Ma Werkstudent BMW Software Engineering Coding/Decoding Xdebug to MOST_HMI.
Chaoling Xue Diplomarbeit BMW AI Trace Analysis through Neural Networks.
Integration of ECU models.
Alexey Bazhenov Praktikum BMW AI Planner implementation and environment simulation.


After finishing my Electrical Engineering degree in 2005 I moved to Germany. I had the fortune to start at BMW in 2006, where I have been working happily on different infotainment fields (specially on verification). In November 2009, willing to bring to life several ideas, I started my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Broy. On the way, I also strived to acquire a master in economy and a master in international business. In may of 2011 I started working as visiting researcher with Kristian Kersting and his team STREAM at the Fraunhofer Institut in Bonn. I'm very happy to be supervised by 2 of the brightest guys I have ever meet. Prof. Broy supervises the verification part and Kristian Kersting the AI part.

I am the representative of the PhD students from the faculty of informatics (Cedosia) at the Graduate School till July 2011, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question, suggestion or problem with your PhD, Professor,etc. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting involved (non-binding) with Cedosia and the TUM Graduate School you are very welcome! Send me an email...There is a lot to do!

By the way, when I am not doing science you might find me, hacking, tinkering with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, trying to found a start-up, playing squash, skiing, sailing (not fancy yachts but small fast boats...470 and Laser), kite-surfing, at the movies, or travelling and backpacking (my favourite of all).

You might find me during the week (and sometimes during the weekends - Stand back I'm going to do science ) in either one of these places:

  • BMW (FIZ, Research and Innovation center), Max-Diamand-Str., Munich
  • TUM, Faculty of Informatics, Munich
  • Fraunhofer Institut, IAIS, Bonn
My agenda seems to be very flexible (2 days here, 1 day there, etc.), so if you want to meet me just swing by and try to catch me. If you dont like risks, just send me an email and we will arrange an appoinment ;-)

By the way, I love the concept of open doors from Richard Hamming! So whatever it is, if you have an idea, opinion, thought, critic, proposition, etc. do not hesitate to contact me!

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